Expressions of Liberation: 50 Years of Project Rebound


The Associated Students’ Art Gallery and Project Rebound Presents

Expressions of Liberation: 50 Years of Project Rebound
Opening Reception: September 26, 5pm-7pm

September 26, 2017 – September 29, 2017


Expressions of Liberation celebrates the work of formerly incarcerated individuals, including students and alumni of Project Rebound. This collection features poignant pieces, several of which were created while the artists were incarcerated. In this important 50th anniversary event, we not only honor the milestones of individuals who have successfully matriculated into higher education, but also highlight the ways in which art can mediate resilience in the journey towards liberation.


About Project Rebound: In 1967 Professor John Irwin founded Project Rebound as a way to matriculate people into San Francisco State University directly from the criminal justice system. The focus of Project Rebound quickly became Education as an Alternative to Incarceration and Turning Former Prisoners into Scholars. Since 2005 one hundred and fifty students have graduated with Bachelor’s degrees, and many have proceeded to obtain post-graduate credentials.


Exhibiting Artists:

Baldemar Arroyo

Arlander Cole (Zumani)

Tangela Griffin

Ricardo Gama

Marion Meux

Andrew Schwartz


Hosted by AS Project Rebound in partnership with the AS Art Gallery and Richard Oakes Multicultural Center.



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