Lost Between Boundaries

Art Gallery Boundaries

Exhibition: Thursday, September 15th ~ Thursday October 6th

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 15th from 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Lost Between Boundaries: The Assimilation of Hybridity highlights work that narrates the obstacles of having split cultural identities due to the diaspora of family generations. With parents of traditional origins, artists Joseph Aponte, Maria Fernanda Brakmo-Vizcaino, Pat Kong, Veronica A. Rueda, Arthur Savangsy, RJ Sin, David Sok, and Bulli Sot attempt to hold on to traditional values while assimilating to other different cultures simultaneously. Identity is a reflection of character and one’s ancestry which is why these artists explore their various cultures and roots through hybridity.



Joseph Aponte
Maria Fernanda Brakmo-Vizcaino
Pat Kong
Veronica A. Rueda
Arthur Savangsy
Bulli Sot

Jari Bradley
RJ Sin
David Sok

Alan Khum

The Art Gallery

Manager and Curator
Topher Maka

Assistant Manager
Renae Moua

Gallery Assistants
Anh Bui
Ewart Bungo
Javier Etchegaray


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