RJ Sin Live Performance


In conjunction of the Lost Between Boundaries exhibition, a live performance by RJ Sin will be held during the opening reception.

Where: ASI Art Gallery

When: September 15th, 2016       (Updated Set Time: 6pm)


Ratha Jim Sin, better known as RJ Sin, is a Cambodian-American Rapper/Singer. Born and raised in the heart of Oakland, CA, RJ Sin developed a unique taste with his music that reflects rapping, singing, and Cambodian music as his trademark. By rapping and singing in Khmer and English, his music tries to touch bases with a wide range of audiences in order to connect with them. With hard hitting rap lyrics on poverty, to issues about his community, to a soften side of preserving the Cambodian culture, RJ Sin’s music is a representation of his life and a testimony among many who need a story to relate to.  



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