Mind.Full explores creative responses to mental health conditions and how our society often paints mental health a taboo topic. Artists Austin Yi, Francine Banda, Saul Calvillo, Eduardo Sanabria, Daniel Khatchatoorian, and Julio Rodriguez present works either about their personal experiences with mental illness and/or in solidarity with those that struggle with mental illness. Through collaboration and creating a collective voice, we work towards breaking down stigmas surrounding mental illness and seeking help. At the same time, the show highlights the ways in which art and craft making contain holistic qualities that involve community building. We hope to encourage others of all ages, ethnicities, sexualities, gender identities, and backgrounds to use art as a catalyst for healing despite their prior art making experience.


Eduardo Sanabria
Austin Yi
Daniel Khatchatoorian
Francine Banda
Saul Calvillo
Julio Rodriguez

Student Organizations
SfState Cares
Health Promotion & Wellness

Veronica A. Rueda

The Art Gallery

Gallery Manager and Curator
Christopher Maka

Gallery Assistants
Ewart Bungo
Javier Etchegaray

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