Alex Junn ~Artist Feature June 2016

Artist Bio:

I am a San Francisco based photographer who has been experimenting with cameras since 16. My favorite aspect of photography is its versatility and ability to project subjective interpretations of the world around us, whether it be grounded in reality, fantasy, or a bit of both.

To see more of my work, check out my instagram account @junn_photography.


IMG_3503   IMG_3905
These images were taken at various cultural events around San Francisco. I took them while shooting pictures for the Yellow Journal,  a student based media publication documenting the contemporary Asian American experience. I wanted to cover the diversity of cultures and people that make up the wonderful city we live in. Culture is the expression of people, it encompasses history, struggle, triumph, celebration and tradition which bind us together and give us identity.


These images reflect the unrecognized beauty and complexity all around our natural environment. It’s amazing how beautiful pond scum can be when looked at in a certain perspective.
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