Amy Abernathy ~Artist Feature May 2016


Make Me Wonder

cotton thread, acrylic yarn, glass, wood

12″x 32″


Inspired by Carl Sagan and the infinite cosmos itself, Make Me Wonder is a humble homage to the mysterious yet sublime universe that we are so fortunate to inhabit, as well as an endeavour to together with a ceaseless exploration of all that we have yet to understand.


Artist Bio

Amy Abernathy is an English Vietnamese student artist currently in her senior year at Sf State. Coming from a scientifically-oriented background, Selene has had to teach herself how to do art on and off from childhood until her recent college career. As a lover of beauty and avid seeker of knowledge, she aspires to bridge the commonly perceived gap between art and science today believing that both fields benefit each other greatly working in union: science may inspire critically as well as new forms of art making that will better benefit society, and art may bring more humanity and philosophy to a cold cut science.


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