Julio Rodriguez ~ Artist Feature March 2016

Julio Rodriguez is a visual artist born and raised in the Bay Area. His work deals with the aesthetics of the urban environment. Using his photographs to document areas of the city, he creates compositions that reflect the experience of living in a metropolis. He is influenced by local Hip-Hop culture and its self-expressive nature. Rodriguez has exhibited work in a few group shows around town. When not at school or at work he can most likely be found biking throughout the Bay Area, consuming and digesting the visual landscape in order to produce painterly representations of his fast paced habitat.



Acrylic, Aerosol, House Paint, Ink

12.5″x15.5” (3)




Using the phenomenon of graffiti and graffiti removal (buffing) as inspiration, Rodriguez approaches his paintings with the same raw, unfiltered and honest energy that a graffiti writer would in painting a wall. Whatever issue might be troubling the artist at the moment will work its way through his hand and onto the canvas. The words and phrases that are expressed in this passionate moment are covered up in solid areas of color, censoring the text and hiding the anger and frustration from the viewer so all that is visible is just color. The forms and textures found in the urban environment inspire the color palette Rodriguez uses in his paintings. Everything from the color of the old paint of buildings, long stretches of dirty cement, and weathered traffic signs are used in his pieces. The discord of the urban jungle is translated into these compositions using both hard-edged and more lyrical forms of abstraction that explore space and movement. In painting these abstract forms there is a moment of reflection on how these colors and textures that make up our physical environment affect our human experience. The city can be dirty, rough, and unforgiving. Does living in this space create citizens who are equally harsh? In what ways does this type of stimulation affect how we form our identity?

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