Ewart Bungo Jr. ~ Artist Feature February 2016

Ewart Arai Bungo Jr. is a Filipino-Hawaiian-Japanese-American Artist born in Stockton, California. He is a Junior at San Francisco State University, majoring in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting and a Minor in Animation. His love for drawing came when he was in grade school drawing cartoons for his fellow classmates. During high school Ewart met the love of his life, Kethmanee. In 2009 they got married and had a newborn child named Vincent. Ewart then enlisted in the U.S. Army, as a Combat Infantryman and was later stationed at Fort Drum, NY with the 10th Mountain Division, Bravo Company “Blacksheep”, 1st Brigade, 1st Battalion 87th Infantry Regiment. In 2010, he deployed to Northern Afghanistan during, “Operation Enduring Freedom” and later returned in 2011. In 2012 they were blessed with a second child named Trevor. Later that year, Ewart and his family moved back to California. In 2013, both him and his wife decided to continue their education. In 2015, both received their Associate Degree from City College of San Francisco and are now pursuing their Undergraduate degrees at San Francisco State University. Ewart plans to go to graduate school soon after to continue his love for the Arts. He is a full-time student and currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserves with Bravo Company, 319th Signal Battalion in Dublin, CA and lives with his family in Daly City, CA.


Trevor & Vincent
Oil on canvas. 48″x 32″ on 2 panels

I like to experiment in all types of mixed media and explore from there. I usually do pieces on what I’m passionate about. I find that behind every piece of art there is a good story and a spark of inspiration.


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