Myles Davis ~ Artist Feature February 2016

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Myles Davis is a Mexican-American artist originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Though always interested in art, his move to Los Angeles in 2004 sparked a newfound interest in counter-culture movements like skateboarding and graffiti. Only recently has he committed time and effort to completing a portfolio he uses for and outside of his clothing and art brand Pcfc Gold (pronounced Pacific). Pcfc Gold features art and apparel inspired by his love for rock and roll, political movements, and the art of Raymond Pettibon, Robert Crumb, and his father Justin Davis.

Myles is a freshman at SF State studying International Relations and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. He recently finished an internship for Congresswoman Jackie Speier and he now heads Towers Area Government on the SFSU campus. Outside of artistic ambition, he desires a career with the U.S. foreign service or Amnesty International prior to running for public office.

No More Heroes
Ink, Pencil, on Paper and Cardboard


No More Heroes is a collection of ink and pencil work in which I juxtapose my admiration for Dr. King’s words and movement, Japanese Foreign Embassy worker Sempo Sugihara’s commitment to Jewish refugees in World War II, and my interest in classic barbershop scenes. I do not wish to be a political artist or another purveyor of popular culture. I find mixing style, tone, and imagery conveys a more realistic portrait of those whom we refer to as heroes and villains. I make art that both reflects my general interests and provokes a personal investigation into lesser-known history without sacrificing aesthetic awe.

Myles - Barber 1.png Myles - Barber 3Myles - Barber 2
Pacific Gold Barbershop 30″ x 20″

Letter from Birmingham Jail 26″ x 20″

Sempo Sugihara 9″ x 12″


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