Jack Azar ~ Artist Feature January 2015

Artist Bio

Jack Azar is a Lebanese-American artist born in Santa Barbara, California. He experienced a moment of self-awakening in 2002–an already existing reality emerging with the aid of scissors and glue. Referred to as Azar Bizarre, his body of work is an ensemble of images obtained from magazines, collected and reconstructed to create art with a unique point of view. Magazines have become a valuable source of inspiration for his creativity. Jack attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles where he received his degree in apparel manufacturing and design. Shortly after graduation, Jack backpacked Western Europe for three months, acquiring his skills to photograph his love of landscape. For the last three and a half years, Jack worked in the nonprofit industry as the grants associate at the Santa Barbara Foundation, where he was closely engaged with local nonprofits and occasionally sat on the grants committee panel. He currently attends San Francisco State University as a full time student to earn his Bachelors Degree in communication studies and minor in marketing for the pursuit of a career in advertising. Jack currently resides in Berkeley, California. www.jackazar.com

Artist Statement

Azar Bizarre is a reinvention of preexisting elements combined to make up a fantasy, whimsical distortion of reality. It is partially intended to make my viewers feel uncomfortable, distorting images that are understood to be interpreted a certain way. The body of work takes my audience on a curious adventure, a similar journey encountered while creating the work itself. Having magazines as my form of inspiration, I use an X-Acto knife to liberate images that have been mounted amongst other pages, destined as icons of consumerism and featured articles. I would like to think of Azar Bizarre as a magic show, for each piece consists of strategically and obscurely placed images that can easily be overseen if the viewer is not mindful of what is being observed. The message behind each piece is intended to stir emotion, causing my viewers to get closer and examine the work more thoughtfully.





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