Fernando Garcia ~ Artist Feature December 2015

Natural High
Mixed Media (Acrylic/Paint Markers) on Wood
24″ x 18″

Fernando Garcia is a Mexican-American painter and illustrator born and raised in Costa Mesa, CA. Influenced mainly by Pop Art and Dia de los Muertos culture, Natural High specifically presents the psychedelic experience through visual stimulation present in his soul. The vivid and rich colors, along with the meticulous details, aims to guide the viewer to feel the colors they behold through their own spiritual awakening. Many of his works have now strayed away from this theme, and now represent black and white expressive and personal story illustrations of modern pop art culture that includes the bombardment of advertisements, ironies and sexual innuendos in classical cartoons, and female sexuality along with other concepts.

Worthless LiarTales of 2 Cities, and Anxiety Kills (pictured below) are illustrations in Garcia’s sketchbook that represents his more recent work and style.

Worthless Liar
Worthless Liar

Tales of 2 Cities
Tales of 2 Cities

Anxiety Kills
Anxiety Kills


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