Nadia Heinrich ~ Artist Feature October 2015

Artist Bio:

Nadia Heinrich was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she currently resides. She is greatly influenced by the natural world and has been actively working to raise animal and environmental awareness for many years. A senior at San Francisco State University majoring in Studio Art, Nadia has been an artist for the past ten years, working towards a fusion of her love for the environment with a love for art, bridging the gap between visual arts and social responsibility. After completing her degree, Nadia will continue pursuing her love of art and passion for environmental justice with the hope that she will inspire others to think more proactively to restore a natural balance to our planet.


Artwork Statement:

For this series, I have worked to bridge the gap between our natural world and the damage we are doing to our planet. Many animals and even entire species perish as pollution and deforestation continue to destroy their natural habitat. This series gives thought to answer the question: what would we have left if we continue on this path? All that will remain are the skulls and skeletons of the deceased plants and animals. This series is carefully done with watercolor on cold press paper.  I wanted to make each piece hold as much meaning as possible by limiting the amount of color used and by leaving the background white. The white background helps keep the attention on the skull. It is absolutely crucial for the well being of our planet and future generations that we work harder to recycle, reuse, and carefully choose he products we purchase. Thrift shops are full of good, usable items for much cheaper than purchasing them new! This is good for the buyer and great for the environment! Every little bit that we do helps make a difference.


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