Odessa Blackmore ~ Artist Feature October 2015

About Odessa Blackmore

Odessa Blackmore is a freshman at San Francisco State University. She was born and raised in Oakland, California and is currently an art major with an interest in International Relations. Mainly focusing on portraiture, Odessa has decided to include the topic of police brutality into her work due to the prevalent nature of its effects in her home community. Her main influences come from the Black Lives Matter movement, along with witnessing a police-shooting in her neighborhood. She plans on continuing to make artwork surrounding pigs. For more on her work and journey, visit her website at www.odessablackmore.com

Featured Artwork Statement

My artwork is meant to portray police officers in the way that I see them. It is 2015 and yet many cops continue to instill fear in the people whom they’re meant to be protecting. I am tired of candle lit vigils, street corner shrines, riots for yet another innocent person of color shot by police, tired of this injustice that continues to happen at the hands of our own police. I wanted to create artwork that expressed the sentiments of the members of my community and my own views. We are angry that police brutality continues to be an issue. Disgusted that they continue to get away with it. Disappointed in the news media for just beginning to report it and the politicians for failing to take action soon enough. My work is dedicated to all the people who were unjustly treated by racist police officers and for all the people who have taken a stand against this corruption and continued to fight for equality.


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