Mona Marcos ~ Artist Feature September 2015


About Mona Marcos

Mona Marcos is an interdisciplinary artist born in 1987 between two cities, San Francisco and Daly City. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Art in 2013 with an emphasis in Studio Art from San Francisco State University. Currently working for The Mexican Museum, Mona teaches arts & crafts during events and school tours. Her pursuit in establishing a relationship with museums started in 2013 as an Registrar intern for the SFO Museum Aviation Collection and SFSU Print collection. Her current body of work consists of collaborating with various artists, volunteering at local events and leading art demonstrations within her community.


Artist Statement

Our natural environment is a vast land that I explore, observe, and unify by translating found materials into figurative or abstract forms. Through painting, printmaking and sculpture, I combine these techniques to utilize the discarded. Within this consumer based society, planks of wood, paper, and metal are thrown out onto streets everyday. Instead of being a wasteful contributor, these materials trigger my inspiration to enhance and create beauty within it’s form.

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