Opening June 4, 2015.
Exhibit Runs to July 16, 2015.

Occuprint emerged from a request by the The Occupied Wall Street Journal to curate an issue dedicated to the poster art of the global Occupy movement. The Occuprint project is meant to connect people with this work, and provide a base of support for print-related media within the #Occupy movement.

Like many parts of the #Occupy movement, Occuprint was developed in the spur of the moment, caught up in the rush and excitement and fresh air of an emerging social movement. From there, the novelty of new possibilities has begun to give way to the very pleasant reality that Occuprint is currently building something that’s not going away.

With this collection of posters, Occuprint’s aim is not to produce a unified aesthetic, but to magnify the diversity within this movement. They suggest that while some people are interested in “branding” this movement, maybe that sort of thing is unnecessary or even counterproductive. In their words: “we are not trying to create a new brand, we are trying to build a new life. If we let that new life live for a while, new and unexpected styles will emerge. That is our hope.”

Occuprint is curated by a group of volunteers that includes Josh MacPhee, Antonia Levy, Jesse Goldstein, Lindsay Caplan, and John Boy. They are always open to finding new collaborators, so please contact them if you want to get involved.


All posters can be found on the Occuprint website occuprint.org.
All the posters are part of the creative commons, and are available to be downloaded for noncommercial use, as long as the artists are given attribution.

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