Senior Art Exhibition 2015

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Senior Art Exhibition 2015
Exhibition: April 25, 2015 to May 21, 2015
Senior Art Exhibition 2015 will have opening receptions at both locations (ASI Art Gallery & Hall Cases in the Fine Arts Building)
We will be displaying all works submitted, but the ASI Art Gallery’s presentation will be selected by noted Bay Area independent curator Kevin Chen, working with ASI Art Gallery Manager and Curator David de Rozas.
An exhibition featuring works by Marlon S. Baez, Leighann Coleman, Tony Dike, Eden V. Evans, Tina Kashiwagi, Ji Hyun Lee, Lili Mirab, Cristal Rico, Joseph Rodriguez, Marieke Anna von Rotz, Stephanie Sherriff, Poco Tan (Xiaoting Tan), Tiffany Tang, Ryan Whelan, Carmen Zhang

Used by NASA scientists, technicians, and engineers during the countdown for Space Shuttle launches, the phrase “T-9 minutes and counting” is the last in a successive string of time markers initiated 43 hours before lift-off. At 9 minutes before launch, months (and years) of preparations and tests on the Shuttle and corresponding launching mechanisms consummate into a decisive “all systems go” state. At this point, everyone needs to be fully committed and ready to complete the final stages of launch execution. Barring a major malfunction, there’s no turning back.Each spring countless students proceed into a similar countdown mode – years of education and preparation procured for this moment of graduation lift-off. The works chosen from the approximately 100 submissions display innovative approaches to material and media, embody playful interaction, and demonstrate attention to technical execution and aesthetic form. These artists, in the final stages of their undergraduate education, will hopefully embrace the potential of this moment not just to reflect on all that they have gained and learned at SF State, but also to imagine the work they will continue to create after lift-off.Kevin B. Chen

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