Watershed Moments

Watershed Moments

Exhibition: Thursday, April 2nd through Tuesday April 21st

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 2nd from 5:00-8:00pm

Related “Earth Art” Talk: TBD

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The artworks presented in Watershed Moments all share a certain reverence for nature: land, water, and fog. These pieces were chosen with the intent of exploring artistic practices which appreciate and marvel in the natural landscape. Our hope is that the display of this selection of work can be a jumping off point for addressing environmental issues. With the current picture of human-environment relations being complicated and problematic, we can look towards creativity and beauty for inspiration. As humankind’s carbon footprint and role in climate change continue to expand, environmental activism continues to confront these issues and many more global realities. This exhibition aims to upset apathy towards environmentalism, to disrupt negative outlooks by celebrating the natural world, and to inspire action towards global preservation. For the artist and the concerned global citizen, the search and eventual epiphany, the watershed moments all begin with this: How do I make my mark?

Artists Featured

Michael Bartalos

Simon Chisten

Gail Dawson

Eileen Field

Doron Fishman

Sofia V. Gonzalez

Meghann Riepenhoff

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