Eva Gabrielle Rodriguez ~Artist Feature April 2015

eva portraits

Markus, Carly, Justin (From left to right)
Colored Pencil on Paper

My goal for each portrait is to capture the beauty of the personality of an individual by realistically rendering their exterior while subtly adding colors that represent their unique character. I try to depict an emotion or facial expression that I see best fitting their personality. Majority of these pieces are rendered using Prisma Colored Pencils. The purpose behind the portrait series is to beautifully bring the character of a person and portray that on a piece of paper!


About Eva Rodriguez
Eva Rodriguez is a freshman at San Francisco State studying Studio Art. Drawing since she was a child, Eva has found inspiration through growing up in San Diego. Her favorite medium is Prisma Colored Pencils and Graphite. Besides an aspiring artist, Eva is also an active Tattoo Artist, Body Piercer, experienced muralist, and Stylist at Michael Kors.

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