Coming Home: A Veteran’s Experience


A Veteran’s Experience

Coming Home - Mural
Exhibition: November 13th – January 15th

In partnership with the San Francisco Public Library, the Cal Humanities War Comes Home initiative, and the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center, the Art Gallery presents “Coming Home: A Veteran’s Experience”.

Composed of artworks submitted by veteran support groups, individual veterans and their relatives, and organizations which work with veteran reintegration, this group exhibition aims to reflect the veteran’s perspective of returning home from military service.

Our hope, with the presentation of these works at the Art Gallery, is to create a platform for education, discussion, exchange, and expression; and to open a space for veteran voices to speak, through word or image, about the ways in which their experiences in service have impacted their lives.

‘Coming Home: A Veteran’s Experience’ has been made possible by the participation of the following individuals and organizations:

Allan Barth, C.C., Vivian Cairo, Drew Cameron, Eric Draper, Johnny Ellis, W. Fox, Kyle Garcia, Stephanie Gatica, Tom Graves, Marques Jackson, David Jehero, Ted Jensen, Karl Jeong, Kay, Omar, G.M., S. AND M., Ricardo Martinez, Irene Perdomo, Ron Perez, Christopher T. Pesce, Daniel Polumbus, Ann Reesman,B.S., Sean Schatf, Karna Southall, Mary Southall, R.J. Taylor, C.W., W.I.W., and many other anonymous artists.

Combat Paper

Combat Paper works in communities directly affected by warfare, using the uniforms and artifacts from their experiences to create handmade paper. Through papermaking workshops, veterans use their uniforms worn in service to create works of art. The uniforms are cut up, beaten into a pulp and formed into sheets of paper. Participants use the transformative process of papermaking to reclaim their uniforms as art and express their experiences with the military.

C.O.V.E.R. (Community of Veterans Engaged in Restoration)

The COVER Program is a San Francisco Sheriff’s Department program designed for veterans of all the branches of the United States Military. The COVER program provides veterans regardless of their character of discharge with an opportunity to address their obstacles for positive reintegration into society after serving in the military and its aftermath. COVER provides in-jail/post release case management services utilizing the multi-faceted departments of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department and its supporting agencies.


VDC empowers veterans and filmmakers from around the world to tell true stories about the veteran experience to other veterans and global citizens alike. Our goal is to facilitate greater understanding of the diverse personalities, struggles, and successes that define the veteran experience through the art of documentary filmmaking. Our stories come from all branches of service, military jobs, campaigns and nations. Our filmmakers are all season professionals and artists.


V.E.T.S. stands for Veterans Education Transition & Support and is the student organization for veterans and their families and friends at SF State. The members of the club have come together on campus to meet and talk to other veterans, educate the campus community about veterans, and to have a good time. The main goals of the club are to promote student life and create a non-partisan environment at SF State.

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