GRAY TOLHURST ~Artist Feature/Dec 2014 & Jan 2015

The ASI Art Gallery is pleased to present our Artist Feature for the month of December:

Gray Tolurst

Gray Tolhurst is a writer/artist currently based in San Francisco,CA. His works utilize a synthesis of outmoded and modern technology (typewriters, super 8 film, and laptops) in order to bridge the past and the future through the medium of the present. In this way, the works are both memories and premonitions. He holds a B.A. in Anthropology from UCLA and is currently pursuing his M.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State University. His poems have appeared in Transfer Magazine and online at The Writing Disorder and his first chapbook, the mountain, the desert, and the sea was released in November 2013 by Young Cloud Press.

You can check out his works here:

The paintings are in fact in motion. They are all painted on super 8 film which is then projected and digitally recorded. Stills are taken from the film and made into prints.

gtolhurst2 gtolhurst1

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