ANH BUI~Artist Feature/Oct 2014

The ASI Art Gallery is proud to present our Artist Feature for the month of October:

Anh Bui

Anh Bui is a painter and sculptor from San Francisco State University. His works are predominately figurative; inspired by the classical and academic arts he grew up being enamored by. As an international student, Anh is drawn to the themes of cultural conflicts, alienation/belonging, home/lost, and past/present.  His works have been displayed in the Intersection for the Arts, SFSU Fine Arts Gallery, and the Honey Hive Gallery.



A Man Named Earl

40x 32 in
Oil on Canvas. Newspaper
The photographer/writer David Sleppy once interviewed a homeless man. When asked what the worst part about being homeless is, the man answered “No one sees me.”
“A Man Named Earl” was directly influenced by this quote. The subject of the painting is Earl, a homeless man whom Anh had a conversation with. By being the subject of a painting, a very real and often ignored homeless man is transformed into an artistic image that we seek to see, understand, and even hold in reverence. The conversation the artist had with Earl is also recorded through newspaper collage. Earl is not only seen, but also heard, bringing him closer to our reality. The piece ultimately begs the questions: what’s the difference between the homeless man and an art piece of a homeless man? and why do we pick to look at one and not the other?
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