Movement In Paper


Movement in Paper: The Evolving Form of Origami

Exhibition: May 1st – July 15th

Movement in Paper pushes the boundaries of Origami with creations that delight and inspire through their design, innovation, and interaction. The collection brings together Bay Area locals and international Origami artists to showcase the transformation of Origami into modern paper sculpture from an ancient ceremonial art in Japan.

Today Origami extends beyond its traditional forms into the realm of contemporary sculpture. Arguably one of the forefathers of modern origami Akira Yoshizawa transformed the art from flat folded models to dimensional forms, breathing life and realism into his origami sculptures.

The shift in modern Origami has opened up exploration through various modalities, some of which include an emphasis upon representational realism to the possibilities of advanced mathematics. These challenging puzzles are made without cuts or glue; their intricacies are due only to the manipulations of a single sheet of paper. In other instances, multiple parts are folded together to create modular frameworks that expand and contract. The works included in “Movement in Paper” represent the diverse formats through which Origami now finds expression in cultures around the world.

Try your hand at folding, experience a cultural art form from Japan, and be amazed by the many dimensions of modern Origami.

Collection is generously on loan from June Sakamoto and Vicky Mihara Avery.


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