Visionary Workbook


Exquisite History: Visionary Workbook

Exhibition: March 6th – March 27th, 2014

Exquisite History: Visionary Workbook: Artist books by The Printmakers Left, Sponsored by the Southern Graphic Council – 2014 International Conference: Bridges, with special thanks to Flax Art and Design store.

The Visionary Workbook is the third and final volume of Exquisite History, a project started in 2005 by an international collective known as The Printmakers Left, composed of roughly thirty artists, architects and poets with core members comprised of University of Virginia faculty, former faculty, visiting artists and alumni.

The larger project, Exquisite History is modeled after the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle, an early, three-volume encyclopedic history of the world. The last volume, “Revelation” was remade and renamed, the Visionary Workbook- a title which combines the ephemeral with the pragmatic. Artists were asked to answer the question, what do we love and how do we envision the world?This exhibition features pages from varying artists’ individual workbooks.

Cover and Content: Imagining a Visionary Workbook: A related exhibit featuring work by SFSU students.

SFSU students compelled by the ideas of The Visionary Workbook, responded by designing and creating not another entry of The Visionary Workbook but rather a cover, table of contents, index, end papers, or back cover – the pages that might encase such a ‘workbook’.

SFSU Artists: Jennifer Boonyalug, Moira Chase, Jaqueline Daily, Jonathan Davis, Eleanor Dudgeon, Kilian Farrell-Alvarado, James Leahy, Miles Leboeuf, Arturo Najera, Elisheva Purvis, Christopher Savas, Brian Smith, Jena Storle, Ian Stuart, Janine Terra, Ryan Whelan, Patrick Whitehill. Participates are from course Art 546: Silkscreen, Spring of 2014, and directed by Professor Susan Belau.

The Printmakers Left thank The Calvin College Department of Art and Art History, The University of Virginia McIntire Department of Art and the College of Arts & Sciences.

The Art Gallery thanks Susan Belau, The Depot, The SFSU Fine Arts Department, and Flax Arts Supplies.

visionary workbook

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