Macabre Curios

Macabre Curios: A Strange Interactive Installation Project
Exhibition: October 29TH – November 8th, 2013

The Art Gallery explores the dark mystery and sheer terror found in discarded and forgotten objects, through a gallery-wide, participatory All Hallows’ Eve installation project. Eleven local artists spearhead the movement, while visitors are asked to integrate their strange curiosities and morbid inclinations by modifying the gruesome environment with an array of thrift store relics and supplies provided by the gallery. This ever-evolving, experimental collaboration embraces the transformation of obsolete, junkyard materials into a collective, and community based art piece.

Beware, each day the gallery will project a different horror film along its walls and randomly sacrifice candy to exhibition visitors when they least expect it. Gallery staff will behave oddly. So should you.

Participating SFSU artists, alum and curio collectors include: Misha Aziz, Anh Bui, Jose Cadena, Kiana Endres, Ashlie Gudmundsen, Megan Hendry, Christopher Macaraig, Thu Nguyen, Daniel Suarez, Kevin Umana.

Featuring: Peter Max Lawrence, a contemporary media artist working within painting, video installation, sculpture, photography and drawing.


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