Urban Action

Urban Action: Exploring the Human Connection to Metropolitan Space

Exhibition: May 23rd – June 7th 2013

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A Celebration of Urban Action 34th Journal Annual Release

With over 50% of Earth’s population living in metropolitan areas today, urbanization continues to rise. This migration has led to urban studies and planning disciplines exploring the fundamentals of the human connection to the built environment. Analyzing the ongoing economic restructuring and widespread development patterns has produced an active process of urban transformation and public policy agenda.

Working in partnership between two distinct San Francisco State University organizations: Urban Action is an annually published research journal produced entirely by students; and Student for Planning and Urban Affairs (SfPUA) provides the opportunity for students to connect with each other, share information on urban issues, and grow as a community of leaders. The exhibition features topics relating to design, sustainability, politics, transportation, crime prevention and urban development.Urban Action and SfPUA work together to provide insight into our civic atmosphere by striking a balance between social mobility and sustainability, helping to redevelop ideas about space, infrastructure, and human interaction.


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