UpCycling: Transforming Old into New Catalog

Exhibition: April 2nd- April 22nd, 2013

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Upcycling is a process of converting discarded materials (‘waste’) into new products, resulting in a decreased use of raw materials. Upcycling extends the life of a product and the salvaged item gains renewed value. The damaging impact of waste on the environment is reduced simply through strategic collaboration of people working together, especially in businesses and through community organizations. Together we can avoid an endless production and disposal of items which ultimately crowd our landfills. Efforts in our community to collect and redistribute, repurpose, repair and if needed- recycle (to breakdown objects into their base materials), and to refashion all used goods to avoid waste, is an urgent philosophical adjustment to our mainstream culture. This exhibit hopes to alter the perspective of old clothing, used tablecloths, plastic bags, cardboard, found lumber, wire hangers and most everyday materials, as still necessary items that when recovered and upcycled contribute to a more sustainable world.

The exhibit displays innovative examples of reuse to encourage awareness. Items considered ‘trash’ are transformed into garments, accessories and furniture. All pieces are created by SFSU Apparel Design & Merchandising and Interior Design students and affirms the viability and need for upcycling in our society.



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