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A to B: Art from Transit

Exhibition: February 28th-March 14th 2013

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For over a century and half, many San Franciscan’s have used public transit as their primary means of transportation to commute across the city. Today, over 200 million people a year use municipal transportation to reach destinations. Speeding along the streets of San Francisco, strangers with their own lives and their own agendas all rely on public transit for one purpose: to get them from point A to B. Every bus, train, and streetcar is the vehicle that delivers these strangers in separate directions while simultaneously bringing them together for a brief moment in an otherwise hectic life. Unpredictable events, funny stories, poems, songs, photographs, and videos are all experienced or created while sharing a ride. Everyone who has used public transportation can relate to a story or event that has taken place on these urban vehicles. Through this common experience, public transit becomes not only the vehicle but also the bridge that connects us all together. This exhibition attempts to bring together several mediums that were either created or experienced while using San Francisco’s public transportation system. Though everyone can relate to the overall experience of riding Muni, the interpretation or conception of an event, moment, or idea resides in the individual. We invite you to explore these unique pieces created with the personal inspiration from a common necessity. Curated by: Mac Kelly, Janna Alfred, and Kyle Bottieri Contributors: San Francisco Railway Museum


Muni Tales



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