Out of Print

Out of Print: A Celebration of the Book in Honor of Banned Books Week

Exhibition: Oct 1st – Oct 11th, 2012

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“Out of Print” seeks to recognize the destructive nature of censorship and to celebrate the printed page through rare, vintage, and banned books as well as through banned book arts (where the book is intended as a work of art in itself). Since pen was first put to paper, the powerful have restricted circulation, excluded the lower social class and banned information to control knowledge, morality and social norms. Arguably one of the most significant inventions of the modern age, the advent of the printing press, created by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany in 1450, advanced the ability to disseminate knowledge to the masses. However, this knowledge was still controlled by an elite class and the censorship of reading material continues even to this day in which various groups, agencies, and levels of government attempt to prevent books from being read by the public. Though censorship remains, the books stands as a living testament to both the unyielding thirst for knowledge and the expression of ideas. Curators: Carolyn Ho and Mac Kelly



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