Slap in the Face

Slap in the Face: A Tribute to Sticker and Graffiti Art

Exhibition: January 19th to February 15th, 2012

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This exhibition heralds the rise of sticker art, which has evolved as a biproduct of street art, a movement from the 1970’s that has since become a global phenomenon. The stickers featured are at times derogatory, humorous, refined, or crass; while some are eulogies, others are as straight-forward as tagging one’s name. Specially adopted for the ease of vandalism, their fast and low-impact appeal is a cost-effective solution to other riskier methods of graffiti such as: spray paint, wheatpasting, scribing and etching. The peel-and-slap of sticker art allows the artist time to develop and detail their final product. The goal is to inform an often unwilling participant/viewer, alter the landscape, impact social consciousness and gain recognition by other street artists. To succeed is to proliferate an area of graffiti with high-quality images or text. The more stickers, the more dominance. More than a call for infamy, sticker art effectively presents a concise, transitory, democratic and accessible form of art, and addresses topics such as: ownership, social hierarchy, socio-economic politics and artistic boundaries. Work often is a declaration. Ultimately, the most compelling motivation behind sticker slapping may be the earnest desire to show presence, to exist, to locate oneself, to be heard in an environment which resists it.

Exhibition Curators: Jordan Ayoub, Carolyn Ho, Ali Hawkes and Jessy Gaumann.

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